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Lorefrank Accounting Services provides an exceptional service to our clients due to our care and dedication based on three fundamental principles: the professionalism, sensitivity and quality.


Lorefrank is a company with great recognition on Long Island. Combining our knowledge, experience and the energy of our personnel, each client receives the personal and professional attention that they deserve. Our levels of control, service and the specialized training of our personnel is what differentiates us from other companies.


Lorefrank is receptive. The companies that choose our company trust our advising and our efficient, fast and highly trained personnel. We provided complete financial services to individuals, small companies and other agencies. Through hard work, we have gained the respect within the community and companies of the area. This respect illustrates our talent, care and the diverse capacity to respond quickly.


An accounting company gains the recognition by the quality of its service. The reputation of LoreFrank reflects the great levels of work that we demand in ourselves. Our fundamental goal as reliable advisors is to be available and provide right advice to allow our clients to make right financial decisions. We welcome you and we are ready to serve you at any time.

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